May 25, 2017 Ep 98 Understand economics Keynesian vs Austrian

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The crypto-market is going crazy as usual, but a great buying opportunity for Ripple, maybe. Understand economics Keynesian vs Austrian. Philippines really does have a problem, drugs still aren’t safe, no matter what the guardian says. Bottled water takes the lead.

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Understand economics Keynesian vs Austrian

  • Homestead animal of the Day: Brahma Chicken.
  • Crypto-currency market
  • Transfer your currency quick and cheap over at & support the show while doing it.
  • Do you like your privacy? Me too, so get a VPN like me & protect your data.
  • The block size debate with Bitcoin, from CryptoSkim
  • Philippines goes off the deep end.
  • About a dozen less subsidies, these cuts now for rural communities.
  • Drugs are safe?? I don’t know about this one.
  • Bottled water has overtaken soda, what about beer???
  • Wrongful convictions happen, this guy is rich now at least.
  • How to understand economics. There is more than one kind and it’s all theory. Are you ready to opt-out?

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Listen to the Building Community Today Podcast at:

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