Racism has always been a difficult conversation.

It’s difficult to discern whether your efforts in anti-racism are genuine or performative.

It’s difficult to realize that your inaction directly contributes to the racist system you preach against.

It’s difficult to talk about anti-Blackness with your closest circles. “I mean, my friends aren’t racist.” “I’m definitely not one.”I’m not the ones you see on Twitter, blatantly spouting racial slurs.”

It’s difficult to realize racism isn’t just found in the extreme. It’s found in the subtleties. In the seemingly unbiased closed door conversations you have about the justice system. In the disapproving remarks you make about affirmative action based on your personal experience and struggles. …

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I think people are a lot like UI components on a phone. In a way, we’re all trying to find our place in this bezel-less screen we call life.

We want to find where we’re meant to be in this world, where we can grow and fill the space around us with our potential, or where we can settle to make room for others.

We might not ever fill these longings in life, but at the very least, we can find solace in knowing that iOS components using Auto-Layout have found their place in theirs.

We’re going to take a look at why Auto-Layout exists, how it works, and some ways we can use it to configure dynamic UI (before things like VStacks, Spacers, and TikTok existed). …


Josh Marasigan

iOS and things 📱

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