In a previous post, we looked at two of the most common approaches to location marketing — geographic versus contextual — and discussed the advantages of bringing them together in a single flexible solution.

But one point needs to be stressed: No approach will be successful if the underlying technology isn’t accurate, which is too often the case. That’s largely due to environmental factors like venue location and urban density that can impact attribution accuracy. When that happens, it means user visits simply aren’t assigned to the right location.

Imagine if you spent your hard-earned marketing budget to target visitors of a certain pet supply store — only to later learn that they were actually visiting the coffee shop next door, instead. Not only would you have spent time and money targeting the wrong users, you’d likely have annoyed those users, too, by sending them irrelevant content. And that can cause them to lose any affinity for your brand that they may have already had. …

Location technology has revolutionized the way companies reach, engage and understand their users. By leveraging data about where users go in the real world, businesses are able to provide more personalized, relevant content and target users far more effectively.

Unfortunately, however, much of today’s location technology has distinct limitations. Namely, short of building an expensive and complicated tech stack, it requires businesses to rely on a single, inflexible approach to location marketing — one that may not be ideal for their customers or their business needs.

But what if there was a single solution that enabled your business to be flexible in its approach to location marketing? What if one technology allowed you to leverage multiple approaches at once — without the need for building a cumbersome tech stack? …


Josh Martone

Data Scientist at Foursquare

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