VR is a dud
John Biggs


There’s a lot of money going in. Not sure how much will be around making content, though, which is what’s needed. Cheaper/better equipment so we have the next iteration of the desktop publishing, web publishing, video revolutions where the common man’s main challenge now is skills is what we’re waiting on, but maybe even not. There are tons of inexpensive cameras, 3D modeling environments, etc.

Once tons of people have the capability in their hands and they want to like it, they’re willing to try things out, we’ll see possibilities open up. Games, entertainment? Passive experience stuff? Maybe even a rebirth of things like 2nd Life. Not hard to imagine being able to scan your house, step in, and shop. Shop for paint, lighting, furniture, even art or curtains.

I expect we’ll look back one day and try to remember what life was like without VR.

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