First impressions

I love Steph Curry. But if I didn’t love him, I’d hate him.

The first time I learned of Steph Curry was in the 2008 NCAA tournament. I had never heard of him or Davidson, the university he played for. Davidson entered the tournament as a 10 seed, and they beat 7-seed Gonzaga, 2-seed Georgetown, 3-seed Wisconsin, and lost to 1-seed Kansas by only two points. Davidson won these games because Curry scored 40, 30, and 33 points. He scored 25 in the loss to Kansas. Curry was all I cared about during that tournament, and ever since then I’ve been a big fan of the man.

He always had a cocky streak, but as he’s become even better over the last 10 years, he’s become even cockier. But the thing is, I love how cocky he is today. He is, in most people’s minds, the best shooter in the history of basketball, so he deserves to do a little dance after he makes his 10th 3-pointer of a game.

I love his cockiness because I love him, but if I didn’t already love him I’d hate his cockiness.

When I see other players celebrate the way Steph does, I want to tell them to just go to the other end and play defense. When Curry does it, I smile. It makes me happy to see the guy I watched shred the NCAA tournament stomp his feet after a great drive.

Why do I love it when he celebrates but hate it when others do it? The first impression he made on me, which shaped my perspective of him. The only meaningful difference between Steph and the other guys is that I like him, so I keep liking him. I don’t care about the other players, so their cockiness drives me nuts. Steph made a good first impression on me in 2008 and I still love him for it.

Everything in life is this way. I don’t like Taco Bell at all. It’s terrible food. Absolutely terrible. But you know what? I love Taco Bell! I’ve loved it since I was probably 10 years old, so I still love it today. Some would say my taste buds should have matured by now, but I guess they haven’t. I know it’s terrible food, but I love it because I love it.

The OC Supertones are what most would call a really bad band. I don’t like most of their songs. But when I hear their songs, I love them. I discovered that band when I was 7. I can still remember the first song of theirs I heard. It was “Supertones Strike Back”. I was at my grandma’s house, and my cousin Kevan was listening to it. Today I have every one of their CDs and have every one of their songs is saved on Spotify. I love them because I love them. If you introduced me to Taco Bell or the Supertones today, I wouldn’t care about either one of them. If I started watching the NBA today, I’d say Steph is a jerk and he’s too cocky. But I don’t think that, because I already like him.

A couple lessons can be learned from this.

  • Make good first impressions. They last and they matter.
  • Recognize when you like something only because you like it. Do you need it in your life, or is it just there because it’s there?

Your perspective changes everything, and they’re often shaped by your first impression of something. Your perspective is your reality. Be aware of how your perspective may be impairing your view of things.