The death of 11 Jews

Didn’t cry until the next day.

It was too too much. Too close. Too is this really happening

To feel it.

And then they came for me.

The pop pop pop. The smoke. The blood. The smell. The scream. The silence.

When it happens to someone else I feel it.

But until it happens to YOU, you don’t FEEL it

Never again, will I not FEEL it

muslim, gay, black, brown, yellow….

And yes white, christian

We must FEEL it together

We must BE together

We must STAND together

No tolerance. No excuses. No looking away. No looking down.

Stare at them. Call them out. Rip their masks off.

Don’t you dare fuck with US

Because US, The U.S., the real US, is all of US

FUCK him and his malignant US

No way this happens

Not on our watch

And we are on watch!