I’m a big fan of the Project Entrepreneur program, a joint effort between the Rent the Runway Foundation and UBS. The Hangar team was able to play a role helping shape the inaugural accelerator program for Project Entrepreneur last year, and Jennifer and Carmen were kind enough to involve me throughout the program this year. The interview below is high-level and wide-ranging but hopefully, adds to the library of perspectives the team shares with the Project Entrepreneur community every Wednesday. I’m cross-posting from the Project Entrepreneur blog.

We sat down with Josh Mendelsohn to discuss the biggest challenges startups face…

Great companies will be built by figuring out how to put underutilized labor to work.

When we in the technology industry talk about the future of employment in the global economy, we tend to politicize the discussion — or worse, abstract it in a way that has little to do with the status of the people in those jobs. This failure to consider both the nature of work itself, as well as how new in-demand skills will differ from those jobs for which workers were trained, currently represents a missed opportunity for our economy and our society at large.

The tech community may be the best suited to address this challenge, not least of all…

Josh Mendelsohn

Building companies at Hangar. Startup policy advocate via Engine. Husband, father. Left SF for NYC. Views are my own.

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