My next 5-star ride

Josh Mohrer
May 25, 2017 · 3 min read

After five amazing years running Uber New York, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining Tusk Ventures as Managing Director. I’ll be focusing on new investment decisions and supporting existing portfolio companies.

As the General Manager of Uber New York, I’ve been fortunate to lead a team that has fundamentally changed how millions of people get around our city. Together, we built Uber’s largest business. Now you can get a reliable ride in minutes across all five boroughs regardless of where you’re going or what you look like, at the push of a button. This experience taught me so much and I’m looking forward to applying those lessons to Tusk portfolio companies and future investments.

When I joined Uber in 2012, the New York team was just three people in a small co-working space in Greenpoint. On his first trip to New York after I started as GM, Travis took me to meet one of Uber’s earliest advisors, Bradley Tusk.

Me and Travis outside Tusk Strategies in 2012

Like Travis, Bradley specializes in making the impossible a reality. Bradley ran Mayor Bloomberg’s third mayoral campaign in a city with a 2-term limit, and won. In 2011, he started helping Uber navigate the sometimes less-than-friendly welcome we got from city governments across the US.

Bradley and I worked most closely together in the Summer of 2015 when Mayor de Blasio proposed limiting Uber’s ability to bring new vehicles onto the platform.

For three weeks in July we made our case to New Yorkers that Uber is making our city better by offering more people a reliable way to get around. Much of our growth is happening in the outerboroughs and parts of the city where taxis have long ignored and where public transit isn’t reliable — before Uber, these people were left stranded. Ultimately the Mayor agreed and did the right thing.

Making the case to City Hall (photo: Quartz)

Tusk ventures invests time and capital helping startups thrive in heavily regulated markets. They are working with some of the most innovative companies and already experiencing incredible results. Like Uber, some of the most exciting opportunities in tech are in industries where laws never considered the impact of having networked supercomputers in our pockets. In transportation the laws are starting to catch up. But there are many industries that have not yet had that kind of progress and the opportunities ahead are incredible.

Bringing Uber to New York State (photo: NYTimes)

I couldn’t be more proud of what my team and I built at Uber.

On the same day as our colleagues in SF, we introduced the world to uberX, the low cost Uber.

We brought yellow taxis to the Uber app, for a little while at least.

We created UberRUSH, the company’s first entry into moving things in addition to people.

When my first daughter was born in 2014, we launched a reliable car-seat option for children to get around the city more safely.

We brought Uber to the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, and all across the great states of New Jersey and Connecticut.

We successfully campaigned to bring Uber to the balance of New York State with a recently passed framework for ridesharing.

I give my Uber ride “5-stars” and am so grateful for the opportunity Travis gave me to join the team and change the world. Getting to know and work closely with Travis has been the highlight of my career so far. I’m really looking forward to cheering Uber on from the sidelines and watching their story unfold in the decades to come. Some of the best job opportunities in New York City are at Uber. Take a look!

I couldn’t be more excited to begin this new ride.

You can follow me on Twitter @joshmohrer.

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