You should be able to find The Pitch Podcast easily by searching in your podcast player of choice. But occasionally you may need to add a podcast RSS feed to your favorite podcast app manually for whatever reason.

Here’s how to manually add an RSS feed to many popular podcast apps. If I am missing instructions for your favorite podcast app or if any of these instructions are wrong, let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter. Thanks! 🙏

Apple Podcasts on Mac (iTunes on Windows)

Click on “File” in the top left menu. Then select “Add a Show by URL…” from…

I originally wrote this article to discuss virtual/remote podcast equipment and software. This post is what I recommend if you’ll be recording interviews on location and not in the studio.

This is the recorder me and Sheel use. It has video capability as well, but we don’t use it for that. It doubles as an excellent portable recorder as well as a USB mic interface for conference calls and recording via your computer.

If video recording isn’t important to you, then I recommend the Zoom H4N as the alternative (saves you $100 vs the Q8).

Below is the mic I…

My responses to this post by Seth Godin

What are you doing that’s difficult?

Creating a high quality podcast for busy entrepreneurs.

What are you doing that people believe only you can do?

Getting on The Pitch is like winning the startup lottery. So people believe that by coming on our show they will surely find success. (Probably not true, but it’s what people believe)

Who are you connecting?

Founders and investors.

What do people say when they talk about you?

That I am a podcaster. A good one. And that I know about startups.

What are you afraid of?

Whether you’re on stage at Demo Day or trying to convince the first customer to sign up, continually mastering your startup pitch should be one of your top priorities as a founder.

Before they give you money, VCs want to know that you’ve not only created something great, but that you’ve got the competence, foresight, and flexibility to build your big idea into an actual game changer. Meanwhile, potential users want to know that you’re not just another app but actually have their best interests in mind.

Whether you’re looking for funding, users, or both, you have to sell people…

I covered Seth Godin’s speech at Inbound in yesterday’s post. Today I attended an incredible session with Larry Kim, founder of WordStream. These are my notes from his talk.

Facebook organic reach sucks. Less than 0.5% and still dropping.

Stop monkeying around with your title tags and start building your brand.

The Magic of Paid Social Marketing

Paid social media ads will save the day.

#10 — Quality Score on Facebook and Twitter ads

Facebook — Relevance Score

Twitter — Quality Adjusted Bid

The higher your post engagement rate = a higher relevancy score. Which let’s your ad get displayed more often for less cost per engagement.

Every increase or decrease of 1% in…

The two ideas at once, it might work or it might not work. Have to be held in your mind at the same time. Hold onto and embrace opposing viewpoints in your mind.

Do something that matters

If you want a bestseller. Build something for some people. Not all people. Even the best books get 1-star reviews. Of course they get 1-star reviews.

Make something that certain people will NOT wait in line for so that it’ll be something that other people WILL wait in line for.

John Cage, Jackson Pollock — Made art that was hated. But they made it anyway.

There is…

Someone in India decided to change the name of their news / ebook app to the same name as my first podcast — DailyHunt. And yeah, this app has 90MM users so there’s a few people searching for the brand.

The analytics snapshot below is for users so far today.

So this is exciting! I have no idea how long it will last. The bounce rate is high (80%) so I just added navigation links to the app that people in India are actually searching for. …

The following is an excerpt from this post on the ThinkApps blog.

Michael Seibel (partner at Y-Combinator) said that a 10-minute pitch is a waste of time and you should be able to get it all done in two minutes, even when talking to investors.

“One thing I like to tell founders is the more you talk, the more you have an opportunity to say something that people don’t like. Talk less and it will probably be better.”

So, for your 2-minute pitch, start with the 30-second pitch and then add the following points, ideally covering each in a single…

TL;DR I have no idea. We haven’t even launched episode 1 yet.

So Harry Stebbings of The Twenty Minute VC tweeted this at me earlier today…

I thought he was joking! Seemed like a hoax, but Harry’s a good guy so he wouldn’t mess with me like that! I hope. 😁

I live in Florida, United States. So I can’t actually look at the rankings in Great Britain, but I’m of course ecstatic! So I go look at my podcast RSS downloads in SoundCloud… Nuthin! …

Just setting up my Medium

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