How I got my podcast in the top 20 in Great Britain (in business)

Josh Muccio
2 min readJul 2, 2015


TL;DR I have no idea. We haven’t even launched episode 1 yet.

So Harry Stebbings of The Twenty Minute VC tweeted this at me earlier today…

I thought he was joking! Seemed like a hoax, but Harry’s a good guy so he wouldn’t mess with me like that! I hope. 😁

I live in Florida, United States. So I can’t actually look at the rankings in Great Britain, but I’m of course ecstatic! So I go look at my podcast RSS downloads in SoundCloud… Nuthin! I mean sure we’ve got a few hundred downloads, but nothing to call home about.

So now I’m confused. And this is the purpose for me writing this post. To ask you this question.

Why would The Pitch be ranked #18 in a highly competitive category like business? When we aren’t getting tons of downloads (we haven’t launched episode 1 yet) and as of today, we only have 6 reviews.

So maybe all 6 of those reviews are from people in GB, then in that case the rankings are based almost solely on reviews and NOT on subscribers or actual listeners.

If that’s the case… that is very interesting to say the least. I’m not complaining, it just has me confounded at the moment!

So I’m curious… what do we REALLY KNOW about the podcast ranking algorithm in iTunes? Does anyone really know?

Or are we all just making it up as we go…

In other news! We are actually going to launch episode 1 of The Pitch very soon 😂 So please Subscribe to The Pitch… no wait! Please Review us on iTunes 👌 since that’s apparently what matters most? 😏 or follow me on Twitter @JoshMuccio