Larry Kim — The Top 10 Twitter & Facebook Ad Hacks of All Time #inbound15

I covered Seth Godin’s speech at Inbound in yesterday’s post. Today I attended an incredible session with Larry Kim, founder of WordStream. These are my notes from his talk.

Facebook organic reach sucks. Less than 0.5% and still dropping.

Stop monkeying around with your title tags and start building your brand.

The Magic of Paid Social Marketing

Paid social media ads will save the day.

#10 — Quality Score on Facebook and Twitter ads

Facebook — Relevance Score

Twitter — Quality Adjusted Bid

The higher your post engagement rate = a higher relevancy score. Which let’s your ad get displayed more often for less cost per engagement.

Every increase or decrease of 1% in engagement will increase or decrease the cost per engagement by 5%.

Tweet more often and only promote your best posts. Only promote the top 1, 2 or 3%.

Minimum threshold of engagement 15% for Larry Kim — anything below he will not promote.

Paid social = be picky!

Pyramid scheme for organic and paid social network sharing

  1. Post lots of stuff organically to Twitter.
  2. Boost top posts on Twiter > 15%
  3. Syndicate those top posts to other networks

#9 Turn low engagement posts into high engagement

Target users who tweet a specific hashtag or trending topic

My idea, take trending topics and create content around those ideas. Then promote that content to people using the same hashtag.

Every post can become a ‘unicorn’ if you find the right targeting.

You will increase the engagement rate if you use the right targeting.

#8 Use in-market segmentation

Business marketing as a purchase behavior is a segment that WordStream targets.

#7 Demographic ad targeting

Life events. Newly engaged people is an example.

#6 Social Media Remarketing

On average it will 3x engagement rates and 2x conversion rates. So push HARD OFFERS (Sign-ups, consultations, downloads, etc) Posts that had low engagement rates will now have decent engagement rates.

Holy grail! Combine remarketing with product ads on Facebook, Twitter.

#5 Super Remarketing!

Combining remarketing + demographic & behavioral targeting + high engagement content.

Go after people who are interested in your stuff (retargeting) then segment further to target those people who actually have money and buy stuff.

#4 Custom audiences

  1. Identity
  2. Remarketing
  3. Interests and market segments
  4. Keyword targeting
  5. Website targeting

People based marketing is like email marketing but better.

Identity based social ads is better than email marketing and opens up a ton of new tactics.

Influencers that Larry Kim targeted in his Twitter list equaled massive PR for his tweet over the weekend.

#3 New ad formats in social

The stupid marketing funnel is a ridiculously dated concept.

Don’t send people to a page on your website. Use a call now, buy now, or download now, subscribe. Don’t make people go to your website if they don’t have to.

Don’t do pay-per-click marketing, do pay-per-lead!

Bypass the leakiest stages of your funnel by leveraging powerful new ad formats.

#2 Snowball effect

Engagement snowballs as you go.

You can’t just try ads for 1-day, you have to stick with it.

#1 Get free clicks from paid ads

By using ads you’ll get tons of free organic reach. RT’s and shares from influencers.