How hating code made me a better designer.
Allie Vogel

Hey Allie,

I couldn’t agree more with your article. I recall back in the day my desire to design and create, but was often overwhelmed by simple questions such as “how will this work.” Learning even very basic code empowered me (after a lot of frustration) to not only design better products, but to create better customer experiences, and deliver understandable products to developers. This article perfectly sums up my experiences.

I really appreciated your section on Learning how to learn. I’ve often sat over coffee with a fellow developer and chatting about how traditional academic thinking verses code based thinking, and one conclusion we came to is that learning how to learn is something that isn’t taught, and yet it’s perhaps the most important thing to learn!

Out of curiosity, do you struggle with keeping up with code based developments? Or do the basic’s stick no matter how the execution has changed?

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