You designed an interaction that wasn’t feasible in the first place, considering the limitations of that platform/code language.
“It’s a bummer that the implementation looks completely different than what we designed”
Fabricio Teixeira

This is a fantastic little article. Love it!

I remember when I first got hired at my current position that my boss sat down during the interview and said… “now you know you’ll need to learn to code.” Of course being young I was like sure!

But I didn’t understand it. Why would I need to learn to code as a Graphic Designer. It turns out though that learning the development systems and work required to execute on designs empowers you to craft significantly better design work, that is not only actionable from a business standpoint, but also from a development side.

That said, I’m a firm believer that all designers working with digital mediums should be proficient in the code required to execute their ideas. It’s an import aspect of producing good work.

Thanks for sharing!

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