Overtraining Syndrome — Cumulative Rest

You know those days when you are just not yourself. Tired and energy-less you dream about your favorite get away vacation. Your job seems tedious and your body just wants to sit in bed all day. By me, this feeling comes on after a chapter of my life has closed. For example after I just finished studying for the CPA exam, (yes I just passed the fourth section of the CPA Exam) my body demanded a vacation. Of course when my body feels like it wants a week by the beach, that’s never when my schedule allows the trip to Miami.

But have no fear your body will go into low energy mode, like a computer with 10% left. It almost like your body and mind go on vacation without asking its boss (me) for permission. I am curious where the brain goes all by itself to get rejuvenated, it definitely always works.

This week was the first week in a 10 months I did not do any workouts. I guess my body deserves a break once in a while. The funny thing is, that It’s hard for me to break the habit of exercise. Imagine that! 3 workouts a week for 10 months and I stopped cold turkey, who’s clapping for that?

In all seriousness, over-training syndrome is something that we all should be aware of. Usually defined as not giving your body enough rest between hard workouts (working out back muscles 5 days a week), it also includes the one week every 3 months that your body needs to recover. The cumulative effect of exercise over time is not felt by your conscious brain, but its a real concern. One of the big discussion pieces nowadays is why athletes get hurt so much. Think of the New York Mets Pitchers. One of the reasons given by experts, is the lack of resting from the cumulative effect of heavy exercise. What do you think?

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