The media were wrong

Joshua Oldham
Jun 11, 2017 · 5 min read

A thread collating some notable left-wing media/commentator’s views on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s electoral hopes under him.

**Note**: This isn’t about gloating, it’s about questioning why even left-leaning media is dominated by those unable to imagine a serious progressive politics, and whose conventional wisdom is increasingly irrelevant, insular, unserious, and unrepresentative. Corbyn supporters have been treated as delusional, insane cultists who want to destroy the Labour party, and as spoilt, naive children who know nothing of the real world. It is not about asking for apologies, or alienating those who wish to now get behind the movement: it is about asking what lessons can be learnt from this, and how to get better representation in media.

Any contributions welcome.

The Guardian/ Observer

* To be fair, Owen Jones was a strong pro-Corbyn voice during the election
“I Told You So You Fucking Fools!”. The same words will be flung at you by everyone who warned that Corbyn’s victory would lead to a historic defeat. I accept that among you there are true far leftists who won’t care. You want, and may get, a “radical” Labour party that will spend decades in opposition waiting for the glorious day when voters realise their mistake.
Quote: “Labour has no hope of forming the next government, nor in all likelihood the one after that”

Other Left Wing Journalists / Labour Supporters

* To be fair, Abi Wilkinson was a strong pro-Corbyn voice during the election
* To be fair, Ellie Mae O’Hagan was a strong pro-Corbyn voice during the election

More Centrist Broadsheet Journalists

“The party, which is my party, is looking at a catastrophe. For Labour members (including me) who recognise how much of a liability Corbyn is, this is going to be a difficult campaign. One of the most compelling arguments against Corbyn’s leadership is that he’s toxic to voters”

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