I am speaking out. Charlottesville.

I made a video. I posted it to YouTube. (YouTube.com/joshpavanovideos) But, I really needed to let a bit more out in writing…

I have seen a lot of social media fights break out over Charlottesville. Whites hating on minorities, whites hating on whites, minorities hating on whites, and even minorities hating on allies. I have also seen our president refuse to call out white supremacist, as if he was already looking 4 years down the road not wanting to upset his base — even though he refuses to acknowledge that he has empowered and confirmed the ideals of these racist to gain their votes — actions speak louder than words Mr. President. It boils down to a couple things for me.

First, I am over trying to understand how anyone felt that voting for Trump was a positive thing. I hate to resort to name calling, but I don’t know how else to get my point across. It was always clear that Hillary is not a great alternative, but at least she wasn’t a self-centered, ignorant, clown who is willing to put the lives of thousands of Americans on the line to gain more power to fill his narcissistic daily scrapbook. So, no I don’t forgive you for voting for him no matter what your reason is or was. I would have rather thrown away four years than allow this president to represent our country as an island looking to the past for answers to current problems, not a global contributor to peace and justice.

Okay enough of the presidential thing, because it wasn’t trump who rammed a car into protestors. It was a white supremacist who stood along side neo-nazis.I want to declare that anyone who associates with any of these groups is despicable. Most of you march in the name America, but as you do so you disgrace all of the many veterans and warriors who fought to keep our freedom from Nazi Germany in WWII. You are not progressing America, you are not bringing back your jobs by pushing down others, and you are not going to stop us from spreading equality.

It is a frustrating place our country is in. I know that people act on two main emotions, fear and love. Fear is winning. Unfortunately the only way to change these actions on emotions is through understanding and knowledge. You only get understanding and knowledge through communication and our communication is broken. Social media only feeds us things that we like so we live in a bubble of hearing only leftist news or only alt right news depending on your preference. You never get an unbiased communication only one that is meant to increase ad profits through invoking emotion of hate. So here we are sitting in our own reverberation of thought, festering and getting more and more angry as our misunderstanding and misinterpretation grows. We blame groups of people for our own misfortune out of this lack of understanding and we stereotype and lump people together. Just like not all Trump supporters are racist, not all Democrats are socialists. Talk to people, learn about them. Judge every person for just that, them as a person.

I think I have learned a couple things about myself throughout this recent surfacing of white supremacy. The first, is I will not be quiet. I implore you to do the same, speak out and stand up for what you know is right. The second is, I will continue to fight for my friends of all races, religions, and sexual orientation, because we all deserve to leave a happy life of love and support.