You may ask me, “Hey, Doc, what are some of the things I could do to help with my Sciatica in addition to coming into the chiropractor’s office regularly?” Well, let me tell you there’s a lot you could do! One thing you could do is slim down a little bit. If you’re a bit over weight, all that weight bears on the spine, makes moving around a little bit more cumbersome, adds extra tension and extra stress to the muscles of bones of your spine. You really want to eat well, exercise a couple days a week, get your sweat on and drop some of those extra pounds that are causing some undue stress to your spine.

Another thing you could do is see how long you’re sitting and how you’re standing. If you’re sitting for long periods of time, that’s adding incredible pressure to your low back and your spine. Standing improperly is also equally bad. Prolonged standing can lead to a lot of degenerate problems in the spine. I’d look into that. Find an ergonomic specialist in your area. Talk to your local chiropractor. Make sure you are spending a good amount of time at work sitting down, standing up, moving around, taking short breaks. Keep your spine moving and you’ll be alright.

If you’re also suffering from Sciatica, something to consider is improper lifting techniques. Perhaps you’re in the garden, perhaps you’re in the garage, perhaps you’re at work and you’re lifting up some files. If you do not bring those files close to you and you do not use your legs and you use your low back to lift, that can cause a lot of problems. That can cause a lot of inflammation, misalignments to the spine, of course nothing you’re chiropractor can’t help with. That may also be a contributing factor to your Sciatica. Pay attention to how you lift.

One might ask, “Well, Doc, I have some sciatica. What can we do about it? How long is it going to take?” Well, that’s a very good question. Depending on the severity of your symptoms and the severity of the misalignments in your spine, it could take between months or years to remove the symptoms of Sciatica. One thing is for sure. Chiropractic care is the best bet to go after the cause of your Sciatica and not just treat the symptoms.

Remember to take care of your spine. Take care of your health. Chiropractic saves lives. I’ll see you at the Joshua Tree.

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