How Hillary’s Campaign Leveraged the Death of a Hero

Besides being filled with stories of the latest unhinged person to effect a brutal attack on our loved ones, the media has been awash with the latest unhinged politician to effect a brutal attack on our loved ones.

I suppose I should preface a negative commentary on HRC by mentioning how this should in no way be taken as an endorsement of her personification of an unexplained genital rash opponent.

The National Conventions of our two predominant political parties have always been spectacles. Spectacles to direct media attention of the American constituency to rhetoric of the parties and their nominees. Why else would the televised speaker lineups be filled with celebrities, the stages backed by hundred foot screens, and nominee entrances laced with fireworks and gaudy music?

Reclusive celebrities descend from their mansions and use their recognition to wax about the doom that awaits our country should the other party’s nominee be elected. Popular local and regional politicians remind us of their grand deeds, promising more of the same if we elect their endorsement. Musicians attempt to move us with the irony of their most politically charged songs.

This recently circulated video of HRC dancing as the macarena plays at the 1996 DNC is particularly illustrative. Though, Hillary’s hips do a superb job of toeing the line of a consummate politician in resisting the gyrating pulse. (the same year that Melania was posed sans clothing for a French men’s magazine)

There is not a single person in view of the camera at these conventions that is not meant to add to the spectacle and reinforce the party’s message. There is not a single person put on that main stage without a thoroughly calculated strategic motive.

These stages are not meant to provide a voice to the struggle of the actual people these delusional aristocrats lord their government over. These conventions are incredibly expensive; that would be too politically risky and a misallocation of valuable airtime.

How much did the DNC cost? $70M from private and corporate donors (a list of which they refuse to expose until the 2 months afforded by law), $43M compliments of Federal taxpayers, with the balance provided by Philadelphian taxpayers (their government hoping to return that investment through patronage).

So what was the strategic motive behind putting the Kahns on their stage? What kind of spectacle did they want when they finally decided to parade the parents of this murdered soldier? What value did they hope to extract from this mother’s tear stained pillows and sleepless nights?

I won’t presume to have any knowledge of the workings of HRC’s inner sanctum, but one thing is very clear: this carefully crafted strategy has paid enormous dividends in media coverage alone. They’ve backed Trump into a corner that he — lacking the basest human decency or empathy — can’t possibly extricate himself from, and as a result is taking a serious political beating.

One other thing should also painfully clear: once the political cache of this hero’s death has been finally mined, its husk will be cast off by those who benefited most.