Lean In, then Lean the Fuck Out

Retrospection with Perfection

Dear little nagging perfectionist,

I want to thank you for your enthusiasm over the last handful of sprints! We all appreciate the team effort: getting in there and giving your all, the evenings and weekends, bright and early mornings. We need passion like that, now — it seems — more than ever before.

However, many from the team have voiced concerns. Sanity surprisingly so; with how rarely he has the coherence for cogency. And even though I know he can be a smarmy asshole, the prefrontal cortex may have a point this time about what sets us apart from the apes of the planet.

A majority of us have organized around positive energy, it’s important to our happiness. You’ll be amazed what we can accomplish together by trusting instinct and imagination over pedantry, and motivating with confidence and curiosity over fear of failure.

Even the prefrontal cortex is going to experiment with moderating our social behavior! A lot of us are excited about that.

If self-awareness were easy, perfection wouldn’t be the mythical pinnacle we fool ourselves into chasing. Keeping the proper perspective is crucial to realizing how undeniably special every single one of us is. Evolution, one of the most effective known iterators — lacking self-awareness — has invested eons in creating this fucked up species.

And yet, even if you could quantitatively measure a single human being’s influence on their surroundings, which you can’t, even the least of them could be considered nothing if not a miracle.

One person with a simple idea, backed by hard work, can do things that would have seemed magical even one generation ago.

I can make magic every day.