Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) have been around for 14 years, but for many they’re still a mystery. This article and accompanying tools aims to demystify working with SVGs and to make it easy for anyone to render and animate beautiful SVG graphs, icons, or illustrations inside Framer Studio.

Let’s say we want to animate a simple line chart. We might export a graphic from Sketch, but then we’d have to mess with masks, which don’t play nicely with curves or more complex shapes, and we’d have a raster image that won’t scale to retina screens. Enter SVG paths. They’re vector…

One should be immediately skeptical of presentations that lack adequate sourcing or presentations that contain only tendentious or highly selected, cherry-picked sources. — Edward Tufte

I believe one of the biggest flaws of today’s tools is their failure to allow designers to easily work with real data. Because of this, designers often fill their mocks with idealized information that is anything but representative. Beautifully composed photos. Perfectly sized bits of text. Just the right amount of content to fit. We spend an inordinate amount of time making our pixel-perfect fabrications. We then make sub-optimal decisions based on this, considering only…

As software designers, we have more tools available than ever before to help us design beautiful software and rich interactions. However, I believe we are still in the infancy of design tools, and would like to offer several ideas for how they can mature and evolve to better enable us to create digital experiences.

Hopefully, and if helpful, these ideas will inform the tools we build in the future. These ideas should be taken, built upon, and improved to the end that we as designers will have better tools with which to create better software.

In this article, I’d like…

Josh Puckett

Founding design partner @CombineVC. Led teams at @Wealthfront, @Dropbox, @Groupon. Aspiring amateur chef; eternally hopeful.

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