Instead of giving U2 $100m

(just found this draft I hadn’t published, interesting that a few of these have now happened anyway)


Things the internet would have preferred Apple do over U2 being given $100m for an album nobody wants.

Would U2 have made $100m from fans buying the album? Unlikely. What else would we the internet have preferred apple have done, or spent that money on..

  • A longer battery iPhone
  • A normal sized iPhone 6
  • Give us iTunes Store credit to spend on bands we like
  • Or even more interesting, give us credit to spend only on new or indy bands, or based on purchase history only bands we’ve never bought before.. or just autofill our iPhones with the same
  • Tell us what we really want to know about the Apple Watch; battery life, charge time, etc
  • Improve working conditions at Foxconn
  • Invest in switching to recycled materials
  • Make the iPhone truly resistant to dropping
  • Not buy Beats, maybe Bose or Seinheiser? Ooh, controversial, I know
  • Invest in alternatives to rare metals in electronics
  • Raise the revenue share for artists
  • Hire some people that understand the internet and set them to work on Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iMessage, Notes, Pages, syncing, location, interoperability, web services.. do I need to go on?
  • Make headphones that don’t leak
  • A retina MacBook Air
  • Hand $100m to [RED]
  • Make protocols for iMessages, FaceTime open

Alternatively, let’s ask U2 to give the money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Now, about the tax they’re not paying…

Originally published at Josh Russell.

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