Do you realise how much you know?

It only really occurred to me today how much knowledge and understanding of what I do I take for granted.

As I’m sure many of us do, I often find myself wondering what I can share with others, and how I can use my experience as a developer to help them learn.

I realised today whilst helping a colleague, how much of my experience I now take for granted, and how it’s often easy to help when you make assumptions about the other person’s understanding. I took a moment to try and work out whether what I was saying was being fully understood and quickly became apparent that it wasn’t. So I took the opportunity to challenge myself by explaining what I thought was a relatively straight forward topic (it was JOINS in SQL if you’re interested), and to my surprise I found it a lot harder to explain than I do to practice.

I started to think how it’s important to remember, regardless of our experience, there’s always someone (likely 100’s or 1000’s of people) who would benefit from you sharing a little of what you know. (chances are it’s only going to help you understand what you’re explaining more too)

I’ve never been majorly active within the communities I follow, I’m not a regular blogger, tweeter or Open Source contributor, so I feel it’s time to give back a little of what I’ve learnt, in the hope that someone will benefit.

I’d be keen to hear your feedback on how sharing your knowledge has helped you progress yourself?