Stepping outside

View from the mountains outside my doorstep.

Stepping outside. It conjurés so much for me.

My work is so much about stepping outside, outside of myself and the story I have come to believe about myself.

Helping my clients ‘step outside’ of their stories and perspective to appreciate details and options they may never have seen without another angle. I see time and time again how important it is to cultivate honest relationships where valuable feedback can be sought out.

On a very real level my wife and I literally ‘stepped outside’ just over a year ago. We decided to leave the city life of Cape Town and move to the country, a little village called Greyton.

We stepped outside of the hustle and bustle, choosing instead the grassroots rustle.

Being in nature and growing a garden, we try to eat as much as we can from our backyard. This has brought so much to me; time in nature to restore myself after working with clients and running events in Cape Town, time to be more physical working with wood and in the garden and time for my family.

It has also brought me a new understanding of the unstoppable force of nature, the changing of the seasons, watching plants grow and then die, watching the river fill and empty. How everything continually changes, and we can’t do anything about that, but we can work to support the change by staying present to the truth of it.

I see it in my work as well. Clients who will inevitably create the change they are looking for. Teams who bring me into their workspaces to change the way they relate to one another. I have no doubt that given enough time these changes will take place. The same unmovable process of growth and development which drives a seed to grow is present in them.

I have come to realize that the real reason I am a part of changing people’s lives is not that I cause change to happen, but because we have great conversations with me being present, asking them what is true for themselves, and what could be true for them, they nurture that seed of change within themselves.

Though I am all for a great conversation, a great conversation that doesn’t ultimately lead to a great action has little effect on changing the status quo.

Just as my wife and I spoke about leaving the city for months before we actually did, in fact at one point it didn’t look like we were going to be able to leave and we accepted that as well.

However it did happen, and it happened because we took action, packed up our two cats and two dogs, and drove off into the mountains to begin our next chapter.

The fruits of that great honest conversation continue to bloom and ripen today. Get in touch, let’s start the conversation.