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A Photographer’s Journey to Escape Inertia, Depression & High Heat

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“Deserted.” Photo by Josh S. Rose, 2020.

Nothing thrills me like photography. Well, I should say, nothing used to thrill me like photography. Somehow, the weight of a global health crisis, the daily crush of terrible news and this constant, thick foreboding is like a big creative tar pit; creating a difficult and slow plodding to even the simplest of endeavors.

And to be clear, it’s me, not photography. Photography itself is having a hey day, with images of empty streets, portraits of people in their doorways and behind their windows, the world seen from inside a car, FaceTime portraits and images from demonstrations. …

Part 1

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“Light” Photo by Josh S. Rose

My mother liked to say that “lighting is everything.” It was one of many bon mots she had at the ready. I always thought it a kind of funny vanity thing, but over the years, I’ve come to value it as something more serious. A kind of trade secret. A mantra. An approach.

As a photographer, one of your main preoccupations is light. It’s an elusive part of the occupation, often misleadingly broken up into Natural Light and Studio Light. …

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Photo by Dominik Dancs on Unsplash

A little over a year ago, in the article Photography in a Post Instagram World, I talked about how the Facebook/Instagram platform had been restricting organic growth for photographers. …

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