There is a very good chance you’ve not yet activated the very best parts of your potential….

Let me explain.

Years ago while working as a server I would always get so excited when a customer would pay with their American Express Black Card. If you’ve ever held one of these cards you know the feel. Heavy, thick and regal this card is the apex of all cards.

The requirements for qualifying aren’t totally clear but what is known is the unlimited spending limit. Tiger woods was rumored to have purchased a home with his black card..and I’m pretty sure that house wasn’t in the six figures.

Fast forward

Let’s say you become one of the select few who have this black card — with its unlimited spending power. So the day the card arrives you break it out it’s box and head towards your favorite store to get something new. You make your selections and go to check out. With an almost prideful glee you hand over your new regal black card… and you know they know what the card means about you.

Your ego is justly strong — the privilege of having a black card speaks volumes of your success. You drift off in thought to all the years of hard ass work to accomplish what you have. The lucky breaks you got and weeks spent on the road grinding it out.

As you return to planet earth your eyes are met with one of the oddest gazes you’ve ever experienced. Sergè the fantastic salesman is staring blankly at you and clearly without words. Uh. Uh.

Im sorry. Your card was declined.

Your ego flares and you shout… run it again. Moments later Sergè looks up with that defeated look and you snatch the card out of his hand to immediately begin dialing the number on the back of the card.

As you wait to be connected you can feel your temperature rising. You’ve just been embarrassed in front of Sergè and this card with unlimited spending ability is coming up declined. This doesn’t happen.

As you’re connected you explain what’s happening in as calm a manner possible. And in response the voice on the other end says…

Oh, no worries Mr. Schneider I can take care of that for you. You hadn’t yet activated your card.

…the unlimited spending ability meant nothing because the card was not yet activated.

When it comes to work, our strengths and unleashing our potential let me ask you….

What have you not yet activated?

What amazing part of your ability have you let either sit dormant or not yet put into play. The upside doesn’t matter until you activate it.

It really is possible to go through an entire career and not activate your greatest strengths. Of course, they may be in use but underutilized or simply sitting dormant while you put the focus and attention to all these other areas of your skillset.

So, tonight, today, whenever you read this…. ask yourself “what have I not yet activated”

Figure that out.


Reap the rewards.