Someone needs to put their pants on already…

This is a true story about how some confidence and an opportunity can change your business and amplify the capacity of your human capital.

I had just got home from a half day with a local client and my daughter Brooklyn wanted to play out on the deck. I said sure because, well she’s pretty much irresistible when she says “Daddy, play soccer on deck with you”

So we got her soccer ball and went out on the deck.

…10 minutes later the reality of the sun beating down on me became too real to ignore

I coaxed her inside for a moment saying, let’s go change…aka…I NEED TO PUT SOME SHORTS ON.

We ran upstairs, literally. I went into her room grabbed a pair of shorts and pretty much tossed them at her saying here put these on. I immediately went into my wife and I’s bedroom to do the same. I must have checked an email or something because before I knew it Brooklyn came running into our room saying “OK, Daddy”…. and it hit me. I was absolutely stunned.

She had her shorts on. The right way.

Never before had she successfully put on a pair of pants or shorts. Never before had we even really tried to have her put them on herself. Honestly, probably other than being a passive participant, she’s never dressed herself a day of her two year and two month life.

She knew nothing more than “You put your right leg in, you put your left leg in and you shake it all about”

At least so we thought….

I’m pretty sure you have some employees who would really welcome an opportunity to show you they can put their shorts on. Maybe they don’t know the rhythm quite like you do but they sure as hell know the beat and the words — they are ready to do the hokey pokey…. sorry I couldn’t avoid not finishing the song.


Let them shock you. Let them amaze you. Give them the opportunity.

I remember tossing the shorts at Brooklyn thinking I’ll have to be back to help you get your PJ’s off and these on once I’m changed. I didn’t say try, I just said here, do it. That instilled the confidence to unlock the capacity she already had.

As a leader you can instill the confidence to unlock the capacity your people already have.

I can’t tell you how proud of herself Brooklyn was tonight — nor can I really express how proud we were as parents.

You fill in the blanks of what this could do for unleashing your human potential.