Why you look like an a$$ at work.… (a fresh perspective on self awareness)

Why do you look like a small donkey at work?

Because everyone else is already realllllly aware of you.

No, it’s not that they’ve mastered some zen like approach to life alignment and self awareness. It’s that we see others clearly (not always accurately, but clearly). You may have heard the saying; it’s hard to see the picture if you’re in the frame.

The cliche point to make here is story of the emperor’s new clothes.

Is it possible we live our lives believing no one else see’s our weaknesses and oddities? In large majority even though we try to cover up some of our feelings and fears they somehow sneak through the “gates.” When we make a wrong decision and try to cover it— they know the truth. When we operate outside of our strengths and potentially make some mistakes yet try to raise ourselves up — they know the truth.

The biggest issue isn’t that you faked it, failed or f*’d up — it’s that you thought you got away with one and that no one else picked up on that feeling you had.

Although our errors, and nuances won’t always be abundantly obvious, those we work with day in and out will often see the reality of who we are regardless of what we may try to hide.

Self awareness is as much about how manage our relationship with ourselves as it is about how we manage our image with others.

Three truths about self awareness

  • Everyone else see’s our weaknesses so we should be aware and honest about them
  • Allows us to unleash our potential as humans because we can focus on areas of personal opportunity (strengths, ideas, personal balance, burnout prevention)
  • It is the number one indicator of success
Self awareness has the ability to be the greatest weapon we deploy in managing who we are and amplifying the next generation of leaders.

Three ways we can boost our self awareness to increase our ability to lead

  1. Be honest with ourselves about our strengths and weaknesses

One of the easiest ways to begin to identify this is to find out what drains you and what energizes you? What tasks excite you and which ones seem to get put off until the absolute last moment. You can’t possibly be the best at everything, and even if you are — no one likes that anyways.

2. Get real feedback from someone you trust

Ask a few good human beings if there have been any times where you were perceived as being unaware? Was there a time your energy killed everyone in the room and you blamed them’? Or, even worse have you projected an emotion or bullheadedness you didn’t seem to be aware of.

3. Journal

Go down to your local paper store and pick out a pretty journal and…… no for real, high performance capacity and awareness are stretched with this practice. Plus, getting to talk something out happens in this space and perspective is everything. Getting to tussle through an idea and the ability to self evaluate become powerful with a strong journaling habit. I personally use Evernote, their app syncs across all platforms and I can search a single word to recall anything. (like google for my ideas and thoughts)

**I will say there are seasons I turn away from this practice because I feel like I don’t have time for it and that I’ve advanced past needing it. Those seasons of thinking always results with me returning to my journal to help get the clarity and perspective I need to get out of a hole I put myself in.

It’s not sexy — but the result of growing your self awarness becomes very addicting and rewarding. As you increase your perspective on your world and the way you operate in it — what you see stretches and adds value to how you show up and overcome anything in your way. When you begin to realize there isn’t just one way to approach everything, and you build out this ability it truly becomes dangerous who you can become.

Here’s to amplifying your human potential!