10 Creative Ways to Save Energy

There are many ways to save on energy, most importantly is education. Educate others on the importance of sustainability. Start at home, talk to your kids about the importance of being green.

  1. Redesigning your kitchen could help save energy. As crazy as it may sound, air circulation throughout your home plays an important role in heating and cooling. Allow space between your appliances to help improve air circulation. Consider the placement of your kitchen cabinets and their proximity to appliances. A properly located refrigerator and freezer can reduce running time, saving energy as well.
  2. Keep your fridge and freezer stocked. You can lose energy in an empty fridge every time you open the door. Warm air will replace those open areas in your fridge that were cold. Keeping your fridge stocked reduces the cooling time.
  3. Put your nightlight on a timer. Children (and adults) often fall asleep with their nightlight on. Save energy and money by running your nightlight on a timer. No sense running a light when you are sleeping.
  4. Own a business? Going paperless can be a huge cost saver and energy reducer. More and more payment companies allow you to virtually bill and accept payments as well as automatically email receipts to your customers.
  5. Get rid of your dryer. Dryers use a lot of energy and fade your clothes. Ditch the dryer and hang your clothes to dry. Watch your utility bill shrink, not your clothes and enjoy your vibrant colored clothing for many years. Utilizing off-peak hours to run your other appliances can save additional money as well.
  6. Solar energy. More and more businesses are utilizing solar energy in their efforts of sustainability. You can too! Some utility companies even help offset the initial costs.
  7. Love to bake? Start that oven and turn off your heater! Use the warmth your oven provides to help heat your house while baking.
  8. Forget to turn the lights off when leaving a room? Install sensor lights throughout your house and watch your energy usage diminish.
  9. Clean your air conditioning unit. Use a hose or leaf blower and clear any debris surrounding your air conditioner. The more debris, the harder it has to work and the more energy it will use.
  10. Candle lit dinner. Reduce energy and enjoy a romantic dinner by candle light.

The more we teach our future leaders about the benefits of being green, the more likely we can become a positive grid world!