Ask me this question on Saturday 1/14/17. Please.

Okay, look.

I’m almost done editing my next novel.

It’s been a loooooonnnng time coming. There have been ups. And downs.

I’ve got about 50 pages left. And I’m meeting with the book editor/designer on Saturday afternoon. I want to send it to him before then.

That means I need to edit the last 50 pages in the next two days.

There are some problems. I’ve got to work. I’ve got a few kids. I’ve got some meetings. I’ll be staying up late.

This is my first personal goal of 2017…so I need to make it.

So on Saturday morning of 1/14/17…do me a favor.

Tweet at me or leave a comment and ask…

Did you finish?

Let’s hope the answer is yes.

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