The reason Aegis decided to define the smart home experience.

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Imagine it’s December. The holiday music is playing, the cocoa is brewing, and you are traveling all around. Bouncing from holiday party to holiday party. Enjoying delicious food and of course the company of family and friends. Now, imagine returning home to find that it had been invaded while you were away. What remains of your belongings is either damaged or utterly tainted by the hands of thieves. These thieves decided to throw everything around that they didn’t deem worthy enough to take. You start to panic. You can’t breathe. So many emotions running through your veins. One however, is…

by Josh Sroufe

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Photo by Josh Sroufe

If you find it difficult to get noticed by dribbble players offering invite opportunities, maybe you need to try something new. When I first heard of dribbble, I instantly knew that if I got invited, it would help me in my career. Push my skill set, grow my connections, and most importantly build my confidence. I tried for almost a year to get an invite with no luck. Plenty of opportunities, but yet, nothing. Not even feedback on what I might need to do differently. …

Josh Sroufe

Entrepreneur, designer, husband, & father

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