The New School For Entrepreneurship
Gary Vaynerchuk

Never confuse going to school with getting an education. Education is a result that can be obtained in many ways, and school is not necessarily the best tool for getting it, regardless of what type of education you want. It is most definitely not the best way to get an education about entrepreneurship. If anything, a formal education can easily set an entrepreneur back by; 1) using up precious cash, 2) using up precious time, and perhaps worst of all, 3) infecting the mind with information about entrepreneurship that is inaccurate. I have business owner friends who refuse to hire anyone with an MBA for exactly this reason — they take too much time to reeducate, not just because they have so much knowledge that is incorrect, but because they think they know more than anyone else who doesn’t have an MBA. The more prestigious the MBA, the more time required for retraining, all other things being equal.

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