The unspoken reason of why you can’t see your abs

You stuck to your diet plan. You incorporated different exercises to your daily routine. But you still can see the definition of your abdominal muscles. What is going on?

There is a third component to all of this, and it’s called posture.

It’s the component that almost everyone overlooks. Your posture affects everything in your daily life such as breathing capabilities, the way you sit and sleep, and much more.

If you have posture problems, such as an anterior pelvic tilt, it will cause to push your anterior body forward, making the illusion that you have a big belly.

If you’re having shoulder problems that don’t let you bench press, or hip pain while squatting, or back pain, guess what?

That’s all related to your posture!

So, the quality and strength of your muscles and bones are directly affected by your posture. This may result in weakness and underdeveloped muscles because you aren’t able to target them effectively.

If this problem continues for some time, the body interprets the pain as stress, leading to poor function.

The solution?

Thankfully, it’s an easy thing to correct. There are a handful of exercises that can help correct the issue.

- Diagonal Hip Rock To Step

- Backward Monster Walk

- Mini-Band Resistance — Single-Leg Stance

- 3 Way Angle Mobilization

- Wall Slide

- Scap Pushup

All these exercises will improve your posture dramatically, but if you feel that you need additional help, remember to seek help from a physician.

Hope you have a great day,


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