In the early 1800s an expedition was commissioned by the U.S. Government to explore the West and find a practical route to the Pacific. Long story short, over the course of 2 grueling years, Captain Lewis and Second Lieutenant Clark (with the help of Sacagawea, of course) did just that.

As you might already know, the current web sensation — and breakout Super Bowl star — is the so called “Left Shark” of the game’s halftime festivities. Have a look (also, welcome Katy Perry to the FullStory blog!)…


Do we have two dancing sharks? Yes, we do. Right Shark is…

As many of our customers begin to use FullStory, we often hear this kind of question:

Okay, so I have FullStory running on our site, but there’s a button in our UI that I’d love to understand more about. I’d like to know who clicks it, how often it has…

Just a quick note to say thanks for helping make 2014 an incredible debut year for us. We’ve learned lots, enjoyed meeting many of you, and most of all, love to see so many companies getting focused on improving customer experience. In case you missed it, we recently posted a few of those stories over on our website.

We’re down-right giddy about 2015 and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! Here’s to the new year!

Josh Teague

Product Design at @FullStory, previously @Google. Husband and best friend to @laurenteague. Daddy to 4 girls. Saved by grace.

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