Just last week we released a new feature called “Go Live” — a co-browsing addition to session playback that lets you ride along with your customer’s activity in real time. And while everyone here is rather excited about what it portends for our customers (and us, as we’re avid FullStory users of course), I was particularly energized by the process by which it was created.

What follows is a quick peek-behind-the-curtain into how a little (big) feature named Go Live came to be:

It all starts with the “Feature Brief”

A Feature Brief is a piece of internal documentation we produce early in the life of a…

by Josh Teague

Working with engineers is a topic I’ve become rather passionate about, but it’s not something I was thrilled by coming out of design school. When you’re in design school, you’re surrounded by like minds. You can look at an idea posted up on a wall and, without much convincing, you get it. You have a shared background, you’re speaking the same language. You approach problems from a similar perspective, and the process is understood.

In the real world things couldn’t be more different. Product teams are filled with engineers, executives, marketers and customer specialists, and suddenly you’re…

In the early 1800s an expedition was commissioned by the U.S. Government to explore the West and find a practical route to the Pacific. Long story short, over the course of 2 grueling years, Captain Lewis and Second Lieutenant Clark (with the help of Sacagawea, of course) did just that.

But what if, after all that they explored, they didn’t report back? What if they never wrote home?

Well, until today FullStory has really only helped you explore. Thanks to core features like instant Search and Playback, we’ve made it easy to dig into more data than you ever dreamed…

As you might already know, the current web sensation — and breakout Super Bowl star — is the so called “Left Shark” of the game’s halftime festivities. Have a look (also, welcome Katy Perry to the FullStory blog!)…


Do we have two dancing sharks? Yes, we do. Right Shark is nailing it. Right Shark’s every move is precise and clearly well-practiced. Right Shark is following the plan exactly as the choreographers imagined it.

And then we have Left Shark. Left Shark is, you might say, dancing. Left Shark is enthusiastic-ish. Left Shark clearly wants to make it work, despite some…

As many of our customers begin to use FullStory, we often hear this kind of question:

Okay, so I have FullStory running on our site, but there’s a button in our UI that I’d love to understand more about. I’d like to know who clicks it, how often it has been clicked, and what the user experience looked like ahead of and following the click event. Is this possible?

I’ll be honest: This is a question we love… because getting to answer it makes us feel, well, like a hero! Okay. Let’s get into a simple example…

In the screenshot…

Just a quick note to say thanks for helping make 2014 an incredible debut year for us. We’ve learned lots, enjoyed meeting many of you, and most of all, love to see so many companies getting focused on improving customer experience. In case you missed it, we recently posted a few of those stories over on our website.

We’re down-right giddy about 2015 and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! Here’s to the new year!

At long last, today we are thrilled to bring Segments to FullStory. As you may have discovered, FullStory’s search-everything approach has been a super-powerful way to quickly gather usage metrics and identify interesting sessions. (Note: if you haven’t played with search yet, click the magnifying glass in the upper-right of FullStory and hold onto your hat.) Unfortunately, up until today, once you built a specific search query there was nowhere to save it. Well, we’ve fixed all that!


Fancy Pants
In FullStory’s main nav you’ll see a new top-level item named Segments. There you’ll have one-click access to the groups of…

Hot on the heels of our public launch we’re excited to introduce a more powerful way to find interesting sessions and insights in FullStory, all thanks to Search. After-all, why capture all the things unless you can search all the things? With the newly-enhanced Search you can explore your data like never before.


Here’s a simple example to get you started: Let’s say you’re looking for insights into the shopping patterns from international customers accessing your site from their mobile device:

Thank you, everyone, for all the kind words last week surrounding the FullStory product launch. And, wow, what a ride it has been since! Here are a few of the press highlights over the last few days (and yes, we do read our own press) :)

  1. VentureBeat: “Forget Google Analytics, FullStory lets you ‘replay’ any visitor’s interaction with your website
  2. TechCrunch: “FullStory Gets $1.2M To Help Customer Service Do Their Job Better
  3. Gigaom: “FullStory takes in $1.2 million to help companies get better feedback on their websites
  4. Countless pieces of love on Twitter, Facebook, and of course ProductHunt.

Perhaps best…

Josh Teague

Product Design at @FullStory, previously @Google. Husband and best friend to @laurenteague. Daddy to 4 girls. Saved by grace.

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