As a small software team we rely on a handful of services to help ensure that our codebases stay clean and stable.

1. Github

Like a hell of a lot of people, we use Github to host our repositories. We keep a fair bit on there, even our email signatures.

When we’re working on a project, we use a simplified git flow model, and use the Github UI for pull requests. We enforce rebasing, so that we don’t have big merge commits all over the place messing up our history.

We also use the Codacy, and Travis CI integrations to make sure that a feature branch isn’t going to cause any issues when we merge it into develop.

We’re also Slack addicts, so…

Speed up your development and reduce your cognitive load

I’m a lazy developer. I’m happy to admit that. The less code I have to write, the better I feel about life.

I’m also a big believer in letting your tools do the work for you, so I was extra happy when I found out that the eslint plugin for Atom has the option to automagically fix my mistakes when I save my code. …

Here at Etch, we use a little collection of tools and a sprinkling of workflow to make our lives easier, and keep our codebases cleaner.

Nicely formatted code makes developers lives easier, and reduces bugs. Consistent variable and method names, spacing, and even brace positioning all make it easier to scan through code, meaning you spend more time looking for bugs, and less time grumbling about indentation.

Most software houses will have a coding standards document somewhere… but normally enforcing this is left to individual developers. And we’re all fallible. Machines however, are much better at enforcing well defined rules, so we can use them to automate the enforcement of coding standards.


Linting is the process of automatically checking your code for stylistic and programmatic…

Josh Rose

I build progressive web apps for @etch. React + GraphQL + DataLoader 😍

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