A Reality-Check

Mini-task and Sixth Journal Entry —“Making a stand”

Discipline should come from within; not from fear or by force. Crime has been a huge problem in countries ever since, including our own country, but instead of disciplining the Filipinos to make our country “clean”, our president’s painting the town red.

Philippines is slowly dying because of these issues, and Pres. Duterte’s ways of solving these problems aren’t justifiable at all; to clean the country by killing criminals? Isn’t this ironic? A criminal wishing for the best of his own country by killing his fellow criminals.

If the president kills a man, it’s for our country’s good, but if an ordinary man kills his fellow men, it’s considered a crime; is murder justifiable when it comes with power? Think about it, this is a reality check, why is our president allowed to kill? Is it because of authority?

Death penalty should be abolished; it may get rid of those people who are causing these problems, but what about the value of life? Is life just a thing you can discard? I think that criminals should be given an opportunity to change — a chance for them to renew their damaged reputation.

When it comes to disciplining people, it should not be forcibly done or by violence. A great leader should learn to empathize the situation of his people — to put himself in the shoes of others.

Victims of crime may yearn for justice, but does vengeance satisfy their demand? Is justice attained by making others feel the pain you’ve gone through? In my opinion, if we let vengeance prevail over peace, these problems won’t be solved, to kill a murderer will make us murderer ourselves.