Not-So-Pointless What-ifs

Third Journal Entry

With a mind like a kid like me — so peculiar that he’s often mistaken as insane; a person is bound to come across things only imagination could create; sometimes they’re too stupid to be said out loud, sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes they don’t (usually, mine doesn’t.) — the what-ifs.

Questions like these are my escape to reality; to think in such futile way ignites the right side of my brain; questions like: what if Adam and Eve did not let themselves fall into temptation? What if dinosaurs never went extinct? What if Franz Ferdinand, the Archduke of Austria-Hungary, wasn’t assassinated?…will things be the way as it is now?

It’s astonishing how two words can make one’s mind forge an alternative fate for everything. Never underestimate the power of what-ifs.