October was yet another low-frequency trading month. The only trade I made was selling my CRUS options. If you remember from my last article, I had original bought call options…

September was a relatively uneventful month from me for trading. I realized that while learning about trading was interesting, it was taking a toll both financially and mentally. Additionally, I spent more time talking to friends later in the night, which translated to later wake times. Being on the West Coast, this meant rising after the markets had already opened.

The one move I did make was selling all of my other positions (shares and options) and buying a call option in Cirrus Logic (CRUS) near the beginning of the month. Briefly searching historical activity of Apple (AAPL) following the…

This month, I experienced the highs and lows that come with trading options. In my previous post, I mentioned that trading felt like gambling to me. From my empirical experience, it is gambling. However, most of the resources I’ve been reading claim that trading can be profitable, but you have to be disciplined in both learning and the actions you decide to take in the stock market. The learning part has been slow this month, as I have a project nearing completion at work. The movements in the market have NOT been slow.


Most of my story this month has…

On August 10th, 2020, a judge in California ruled that Uber and Lyft drivers needed to be classified as employees as opposed to independent contractors. Citing a CA Supreme Court case, drivers for these ride sharing companies fail to pass the “ABC” test for whether a worker can be classified as an independent contractor.

Under this test, a worker is properly considered an independent contractor to whom a wage order does not apply only if the hiring entity establishes: (A) that the worker is free from the control and direction of the hirer in connection with the performance of the…

From preschool to college, I’ve always favored STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math) over liberal arts (writing, literature, etc.). This was evident in my grades before college, where I averaged an “A” for classes in the former field and a “B” for classes in the latter. Hobbies I enjoyed and clubs I participated in while growing up never revolved around anything liberal arts related. Liberal arts were just never an important part of my life — in fact, I had somewhat of a disdain for them.

Going into college, this point of view didn’t change. I took the bare minimum…

It’s gambling. At least, that’s what it feels like I’m doing.


I’ve (re)started trading and learning about trading (stocks, bonds, ETFs, options, etc.). I’m hoping to keep a consistent, monthly blog of my trades and what I learn.

I’m starting at: random, make-or-usually-miss trades and a simple “learn investing” attitude.

Where I hope to progress to: defined strategy supported by quantitative and qualitative variables as well as a concrete learning plan for growth.

My platform of choice is Robinhood. From a cost perspective, Robinhood offers free trades for stocks and options. I don’t plan on trading bonds in the near…

In this post, I cover three models for textual representation — bag-of-words, tf-idf, and word embeddings. Modeling text is a fundamental part of NLP as it enables us to capture the essence of the text in a data structure for analysis.


I’m subscribed to several email lists that deliver news, tutorials, and projects related to my favorite programming language, Python. My intention is to be aware of significant updates, both within the language as well as framework standards (e.g. Flask for web applications, Pandas for data analysis, etc.).

This week, I found myself browsing through one of these emails, and…

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