The Australian Election Results are done and dusted, but what have we learnt from it? Traditional polling isn’t reliable, and a lot of people on the internet are not exactly happy with how things played out.

This year I took a particular interest in Australian politics. Like many young Australians, I have never voted in an election where the elected Prime Minister served a full term. While witnessing much of American politics, which I’m sure many of us have paid more attention to than our own, I felt an urge to be in the loop. …


Picture this, it’s Sunday night and you’ve had a productive day: you ran some errands, you cleaned the house, caught up with your family and friends and overall had a good weekend. However, you are still tired and just need one more day before you go back to work.

Well, soon enough many of us could have this extra day, this beautiful and time giving day.

Everything around the way we work is changing. …

Music can make people nostalgic, and as for myself, I am the type of person who will make numerous playlists with music that meant a lot to me growing up and music that was significantly popular, catchy, and of course, occasionally trashy.

Going through my playlists recently, I discovered that my sense of nostalgia had changed considerably. People using media as an opportunity to inform the world of particular musicians’ silenced pasts has led me to ask: should I still listen to that musician? Does listening to them mean I support the artist in any way?

Making the decision to…

Have you heard that Dominos now delivers anywhere? That’s right, I’m sure you are now imagining those situations where you were in desperate need for a pizza: either that time you went on a Netflix binge, or that time you only made it halfway home after a night out and you just needed to sit somewhere in a random park or even just the footpath. I’m sure we have all been there.

Domino’s has launched a new online ordering platform called Dominos Anywhere allowing you to order pizza without needing a specific home address. Instead, all you need to do…

Joshua Gilsenan

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