First Dabble in GitHub

Today was my first dabbling in Git, Hub, and GitHub and it did not go very well. I worked through some of the pre-work lessons on GitHub and Git and it was very over my head. I went through the motions just to say I had seen it, but it was rather frustrating not comprehending a lot of it. I had packed up and was about to leave when it donned on me that I had done some revision control earlier when I was messing around with expanding on a Javascript homework problem. I came back from the bathroom and decided I was going to try and upload those programs to GitHub to just try it out and to really understand the process.

I employed Brian to help me out. At first I was going to use the GitHub website to create my repository, but he suggested we use the terminal for everything. The first problem was the Documents folder on my computer is on the iCloud only for some reason. After messing with that for a while we just created another folder. I am not sure the vocabulary to describe exactly what we did, but to put it as I understand it now, we initiated a folder to be a git folder. Then I go to make the hub (I have no idea what that really means) and there is some error. I have some further setup to do apparently, that is rather tedious. Long story short, I never actually got anything uploaded to my GitHub. We will work on it tomorrow though.

Tonight at home I worked through more pre-work and got my first taste of Ruby. The lesson was pretty high level but I can definitely see power it has when working with Excel sheets. I only wish I had a good understanding of it 6 months ago to help out my old job. I am also rather intrigued by it. I look forward to learning more of it.

Final thought, I think the hardest part of this program is really going to be getting the vocabulary down. There are so many terms I hear thrown around that I get lost in conversations pretty quickly. As of now, the vocabulary is my biggest fear going in.

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