As of tomorrow I will officially have quit my job of 4 years and will be leaving behind chemistry, an industry that I have worked in for the last 7. In 1 week I will be starting a 12 week bootcamp at The Iron Yard, learning front end web development.

I have been thinking about this decision for about a year now. I have dabbled online with self taught programs but I never really stuck with it. After quitting and restarting a few times I would quit out of sheer boredom when I was learning the same thing I had already learned a couple of months prior. After being stuck in a job that I didn’t find fulfilling I have finally made the commitment to learn programming and that step started with The Iron Yard.

Ever since that full on commitment I have had a bit of a priority switch. Instead of coming home and playing games, I have been coming home and working on pre-work for the past month. I have managed to make it through the entire Codeacademy Javascript module and finished a 24 question assignment. I have started working on the HTML and CSS Codeacademy module, but the HTML part has got me bored to tears.

After getting my Slack invitation today I learned that the pre-work assignment I had been working on is the wrong set. After looking at the set I am supposed to be doing, I am not too worried. I am actually quite happy that I had the wrong set because the previous set had a lot more content that has really forced me to learn Javascript better. The new set has more things about getting in the right mindset which has been helpful. It also convinced me to actually start blogging. Tonight, I will make my way through the new pre-work set and see how far I get. Since I have about a week off from an actual job, I plan to finish the HTML/CSS Codeacademy module along with the new pre-work set. Not sure what else I’ll be able to accomplish. I do worry that I have not done any Javascript in about a week…

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