Terminal Victories

Today I spent a fair amount of time learning how to use the terminal. I went through a bunch of commands that I may never use again, but it was interesting to see how powerful it really is. I still don’t think tasks like creating, copying, or pasting directories is worth the effort to do through the terminal but I learned it none the less.

This evening my new terminal skills actually paid off in a nice way. I had downloaded and run an “ultimate setup script” a few weeks back. The script did a lot of installing of libraries and programs we will need throughout the course. I had showed it to our TA yesterday and since there is a computer setup day on Friday, he thought it would be good to use. He asked me for a link to it, but I couldn’t find the page I had originally gotten it from. I knew it came from GitHub, so using my new terminal skills I ran:

$history | less

then did a /http search.

Since I have done very minimal in terms of pulling anything off of GitHub, there were only three lines that came up. I was able to get navigate to the GitHub directory and send him the link. I felt, probably overly, proud of that small victory. I think I will finally dabble in some CSS tomorrow using Codeacademy.