Weekly Project: Blog with Features

Since we have started working with databases now and have persistent data, it is time to make a page that actually has a good amount of features. This week we are tasked with creating a blog site that shows all the blogs from all the users, has multiple users with a sign up and login option, a like button, the option to delete posts, a page to see your posts, and the ability to see who liked a post.

We are using a SQL database on the backend to handle all the data and sequelize so we can use JS to make SQL queries. It has been really interesting working through this project. I feel like I have discovered what a real development method feels like. I started with something very base, an index that could display posts. I have continually added small little features one by one. I currently have most of the features up and running. The final two left are to finish getting the users who liked a post to display. I currently have the like button working, so you a user can like a post and it shows up in the db. Now I need it to display on a page when queried. I think my table associations may be wrong.

The other large hurdle I have to handle is only displaying the delete button for posts the user that is logged in can see. People have been discussing on Slack how they got it done, but I am trying to avoid that for now.

One thing that really has rally started to sink in is just how powerful learning JS has been. I can now run a local server coded in JS using node, I can write to, create, and query a SQL database using JS and sequelize, I can create a full back end using express, and I can create a whole front end with JS. It is amazing just how powerful JS has become. I can literally run the entire stack with JS.

Overall, I am glad I have one more full day to work on the weekly project. Feeling good about getting it finished tomorrow.

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