The two types of IT Departments…

Over the past few months, I have moved from the fast moving world of digital advertising and marketing departments into the trenches of modern day IT.

From my conversations with customers, clients and prospects, this is what I have learned about modern IT departments…

There are two types, the Reactive and the Proactive.

The Reactive type are corporate firefighters. Big dreamy projects are not even on the radar. Simply answering tier one and tier two tickets, assisting with email questions, phone problems and laptop issues. I was surprised to learn about half of IT departments I spoke with this year are not involved in the vision of the company. Most are afraid any new innovations will lead to job loss as opposed to new opportunity. We live in a digital age and these IT teams are trying to stay above the mundane ticket quicksand.

The Proactive. This is a very interesting group. This is the visionary group where IT has a seat at the table. The group using resources and people correctly to be leaders within their corporate ecosystems. The clients and prospects in this pool are the ones who are working on projects that create value as opposed to surviving. The IT departments who are proactive are also not afraid of innovation because innovation isn’t eliminating jobs, it is creating new ones.

Artificial Intelligence is helping this proactive group by taking the routine IT tier one/two tickets off their hands. Able-One Systems has partners in this ecosystem that can take tier one/two tickets off your hands using A.I., allowing you and your team to work on projects creating value.

Which type are you? What type do you want to be?