The rise of the online media — sites like Huffington Post, Breitbart, Drudge Report, Think Progress, Washington Free Beacon, Town Hall, Talking Points Memo, etc. — is a major threat to “mainstream” news outlets. Because Americans no longer have to go through the legacy media to get their news, it means the big outlets are no longer as important. Their oligopoly is breaking. Instead of a barren media landscape dominated by a few corporate skyscrapers, we’re now moving towards an archipelago of countless news blogs and sites all, in the aggregate, taking away from the market share of the traditional outlets.
The “Mainstream” Media’s Trump-driven Existential Crisis
Austin Frank

I don’t believe this is a good trend whatsoever. Thinkprogress, breibart, drudge are all great examples of places you shouldn’t get information to form a well rounded opinion.

The problem is everyone wants the breaking news. I find that waiting a few days after a story breaks seems to be a more neutral time and the story is more developed. Maybe 24/7 news just doesn’t make sense and therein lies the problem. Capitalism and competition haven’t created better news, it’s gotten worse and worse as consumerism took over for ratings.

Here’s the other side, where is your harsh whipping of Trump that you send to the msm? Trump is the epitome of everything wrong with the media. Constant lying and propping up false narratives, at least the media offers corrections. Trump says I won doesn’t matter, get over it — and if he’s backed into a corner what is his evidence? “Lots of people agree with me” or “alternative facts”. Trump is the one who not only has the ability, but I would argue the obligation as the leader to resolve this dispute between himself and the media. In fact his language is why he is so opposed. Starting with the birther garbage to the campaign he has been spewing divisive rhetoric for years. What do you expect people to do? Eat apple pie and sing kumbaya?

This is why Ive never understood the anti political correctness campaign. I grew up in a super religious, conservative community and they didn’t even like when people said the word crap. You were supposed to hold the door open for a lady. You were supposed to tell the truth. You were supposed to be polite and courteous. They valued being a gentleman. But for some reason the things that I grew up to believing make you a good man are somehow now politically correct and there is no time for that. And when you call Donald out or an ass like milo your called a pc obsessed leftist. So what I have no time for is the presidents lies or his inability to be critical of himself or his administration. He has no moral upper hand on the news outlets and in the end that is what matters the most because faith the a month old president shouldn’t be as low as it is. He doesn’t care and either do the GOP — as long as the agenda items are getting ticked off he will continue to lie, manipulate, bait, distract, and (in my opinion) disgrace the office of the president.

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