7 Best Work Order Software of 2020: Reviews and Pricing

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If your facilities managers and maintenance staff are still relying on paperwork to create and manage work requests, it might be time to upgrade. With a work order software, you can automate your preventive maintenance tasks and enable your staff to create work requests in real-time.

All in all, work order management software can reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and streamline your maintenance activities. That being said, choosing the right platform for your company might be a bit tricky.

In this article, we’ll review 7 of the best work order software dominating the market in 2020. We’ll also list down their up-to-date pricing plans.

Let’s get started.

Why Limble CMMS is the Best Work Order Software Right Now

Work order management systems come in all shapes and forms. Some are available as stand-alone solutions, while others exist as modules for more comprehensive computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and field service management systems (FMS).

Whatever the case, the platform should help you create, manage, and track maintenance work orders — preferably in a user-friendly environment.

Limble CMMS, a complete maintenance management solution, is currently one of the best maintenance software that ticks all of those boxes.

Its work order software can help you easily manage (and automate) work requests, work orders, and preventive maintenance tasks through a highly intuitive interface.

Whether you’re managing manufacturing, facilities, or real-estate, with just a few clicks, you and your staff can create requests, track orders, and keep a pulse on the performance and work order history.

Top 7 Work Order Software of 2020

There are quite a lot of CMMS software, field service software solutions, and stand-alone systems when it comes to picking a decent work order SaaS.

However, if you had to pick 7, we’d recommend going with these platforms:

1. Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS is a leading CMMS, packed with the best modules and cutting-edge features that make maintenance management a breeze.

Its solutions include asset management, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, and of course, a work order system, to name a few.

With its mobile app, you can easily track and manage work order processes/requests on-the-go — right from your smartphone.

You can also create schedules, set priorities, and much more.

Due to its smart features, simple design, and high level of customizability, major names, such as Pepsi, DHL, and Unilever use Limble CMMS for their work order management.

Key Features and Capabilities

Here is a quick sneak-peak into what the work order software of Limble CMMS has to offer:

  • Streamline Tasks — you can conveniently view and manage your work orders, maintenance requests, and preventive maintenance activities on a single platform.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more that you can do on this platform.

Limble CMMS Pricing

As of now, you can get Limble CMMS by opting for any of the following paid plans:

  • Starter — $40/user/month (billed annually) or $50 (billed monthly).

You can also start a free 30-day trial.

Visit Limble CMMS

2. FieldEZ

With a user-base of over 40,000 (on a global scale), FieldEZ is a mobile-first field service management solution.

The user-friendly platform provides an all-in-one solution for maintenance teams to communicate with field technicians, review work order requests, and share invoicing.

Furthermore, the tool is highly customizable and you can create dashboards according to your requirements.

Key Features and Capabilities

Here is a quick overview of all the features and capabilities of FieldEZ:

  • Scheduler — schedule tasks on-the-go, set a recurring schedule, prioritize tasks, and assign work based on skills and location.

In addition to the above, this work order software also lets you send quotes and invoices.

FieldEZ Pricing

The company offers two packages, i.e., FieldEZ Lite (for small and medium-sized businesses) and FieldEZ Pro (for medium and large establishments).

Let’s look at the details:

  • FieldEZ Lite — $12/user/month for 1 to 15 users, $10/user/month for 16 to 30 users, or $8/user/month for 31 to 50 users.

Visit FieldEZ

3. ServiceMax

Next on the list is ServiceMax — another field management software system that’s meant for medium and large enterprises.

Like most other FMS and CMMS, ServiceMax caters to a wide range of “asset-centric” industries.

It is by far one of the most complete work order software ever created, with an extensive list of features that enable field staff and managers to do more.

ServiceMax also has the most advanced mobile app, which, according to the company, can increase the productivity of your technicians by 23%.

Key Features and Capabilities

These are the features that make ServiceMax such an amazing FMS:

  • Mobile Field Service — a mobile app that offers all the standard capabilities, like providing details of a work order, but also a high level of configurability.

In addition to the above, the software also offers contractor management, schedule optimization, and installed base management.

ServiceMax Pricing

ServiceMax — like many other SaaS companies — does not provide a fixed price for its Field Service Management product.

To see if it fits your budget, you can request a quote from their sales team by sharing your requirements on their website.

Visit ServiceMax

4. UpKeep

UpKeep is perhaps one of the most well-known and largest CMMS solutions in the market right now, with a wide range of modules/software that are designed to meet the maintenance challenges of the modern-day organization.

From facilities management to asset management, UpKeep has a solution for every need and asset-centric industry.

Their work order management software has everything you need to sort out your preventive and unplanned maintenance activities — without losing track of anything.

And the best part? You can use it on any modern mobile device.

Key Features and Capabilities

Here are the features that make UpKeep’s work order software stand out from the rest:

  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduler — create recurring PM tasks on a calendar, share it with your staff members, and track history.

Plus, with the mobile app, technicians and other staff members can easily create maintenance requests from anywhere in the world.

UpKeep Pricing

Here is a quick breakdown of UpKeep’s pricing plans:

  • Starter — $35/user/month (billed annually) or $40/user/month (billed monthly)

Visit UpKeep

5. Hippo CMMS

Trusted by over 11,600 facilities and rocking a 92% customer retention rate, Hippo CMMS is yet another extensive computerized maintenance management system, with top-of-the-line work order management capabilities.

With its simple yet powerful work order software, you can streamline and automate your work requests and ongoing orders.

Besides its WOM system, Hippo CMS also offers solutions for preventative maintenance, equipment/asset management, facility management, and much more.

Key Features and Capabilities

These are the key features of the work order software of Hippo CMMS:

  • Work Order Management — the main feature where the magic happens. It is a centralized system where maintenance/facility managers and staff can easily check the status of ongoing work orders, manage requests, and stay on the same page.

And that barely scratches the surface.

Hippo CMMS Pricing

The company offers the following 3 packages:

  • Starter — $39/user/month

Visit Hippo CMMS

6. EZOfficeInventory

Another major maintenance management software, with a work order app that offers all the standard features (work order creation, tracking, etc.), along with some advanced capabilities.

EZOfficeInventory offers a very simple and user-friendly solution that can help keep your maintenance activities organized and decrease costs associated with risks and downtime in the long-run.

Companies such as Amazon, CNN, Honda, and Intel use their CMMS to handle their work order management procedures.

Key Features and Capabilities

Here is a quick overview of the key features of this work order software:

  • Recurring Schedules and Reminders — set reminders for routine maintenance (you can create customized alerts for different tasks).

EZOfficeInventory Pricing

As of 2020, you can acquire EZOfficeInventory by opting for any of the following paid plans:

  • Essential — $35/user/month (billed annually) or $40/user/month (billed monthly)

Visit EZOfficeInventory

7. MaintainX

MaintainX is a highly effective maintenance service management software that offers a wide range of maintenance, reporting, inspections, and safety capabilities.

Maintenance managers at McDonald’s, Burger King, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, and other major companies use MaintainX for their day-to-day work order management.

Key Features and Capabilities

These are the work order-specific features/capabilities offered by MaintainX:

  • Work Orders — create, assign, and manage work orders on a single screen.

MaintainX Pricing

MaintainX has 3 pricing plans:

  • Essential Plan — $8.33/user/month (billed annually) or $10/user/month (billed monthly)

Visit MaintainX

How to Select the Perfect Work Order Software for Your Company

The short answer — it depends.

Before choosing a work order management solution, you need to consider:

  • The scope of your operations

By talking to your facility managers and understanding their requirements, you’ll be able to select a solution that solves your problems and justifies the price.

That being said, Limble CMMS is a software that’s built for businesses of all sizes.

Whatever your requirements, the work order software of this CMMS will adapt accordingly (and seamlessly scale with your business).

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