The Congruence Engineer Manifesto

What do I believe?

I believe rules are in place because we haven’t figured out a better rule. Pushing limits isn’t just an idea, it’s a mantra. If you think you’re doing it better than me, watch me turn you upside down. Competing is easy. We wake up in the morning competing with life. Winning is hard. Winning your way…

That’s legendary.

I don’t want to look back on life and wonder who I could have been. Who YOU could have been if we had just done it. F-ck the people who say it can’t be done. They’re scared. They’re nervous. Or they’re just ignorant. I don’t look down on ignorance. I lift it up. It’s not my job to tell how you can do your job better. It’s your job to watch and listen.

Building businesses is just a vehicle. Change occurs through commerce. Ideas need a platform. If you can build a brand that speaks to someones heart than you can change the world.

Bigger is better. Better for the sake of better, isn’t better. Better for the sake of awesome, that’s better. You have to listen to your gut. Sometimes you step off the track before you should, sometimes it’s too late. If you’re always listening to something else you’ll never know. Step off too early once in a while and watch what you learn. I don’t believe in listening to my gut.

I belive in living from my gut.

The real belly brain. That’s what’s up.

It’s a little like when you were kids and your parents wanted you to go to school but you didn’t want to. It wasn’t about school. School is… school. It was about that eight hours where you KNEW you’d miss out on a part of life you couldn’t get back.

Don’t chase memories. Build castles.

It’s hard to recover from a misstep. It’s harder not to treat that misstep as a learning experience. If you can’t mess up and try again you’re in the wrong game.

Winning this game isn’t about the scoreboard. It’s about the practice. The scoreboard takes care of itself. If you practice every day like it’s your last day why wouldn’t you win? You’re not here if you’re not talented.

Talent works. You can do something. Hard work kills. You can build something. Opportunity drives decisions almost as much as data. Each train coming is another opportunity to step-off too early or too late. You never know unless you step. Just keep stepping.

People drive the world. Help people help the world. Give them a platform. Show them they can be their platform. That’s leadership. Don’t hide your light because the world isn’t ready for it. Shine it bright and scream from the roof LOOK AT ME! Someone will. Someone will change their life because you changed yours. Don’t doubt that.

Lead by example.

Smile often. Dream big. Execute big. Play in the mud. Sometimes getting dirty feels good.

If you can’t laugh don’t play. If you can’t smile at the ones who wronged you go back to bed. Wake up remembering every wrong is an opportunity to do right. You can’t lead if you don’t LEAD. Take chances. Trust yourself. Believe that one day you’ll remember that lesson when it’s time. If you don’t, you didn’t really learn anything anyway.

Love yourself. Love the ones around you. Small circles grow stronger. Big circles grow smaller. If life is lemonade already, stop trying to make lemons.

Make some f-cking awesome lemonade. Better yet. Make some pineapple juice. People are tired of lemonade.

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