Welcome to November! I want to share something with those eager to enforce great change in their lives and more so if you are a startup.

For you to succeed as an Esut startup, you don’t have to be brilliant, intelligent or a hard worker all you have to do is to be Street Smart or what we call #esutwise. …

The first few months of running out with that brilliant idea of yours, hoping to become 'the next big thing in town' aren’t the hardest part of creating a brand. The real test happens between 6 to 12 months into that idea and you’ll begin to realize that this scene isn’t the same as the magic you hoped for.

You've worked so hard for this, even quit your job to make sure you succeed, cut off friends and family members to make sure your concentration is absolutely topnotch, now you're realizing the business side of being your own boss.


I know you must have heard that the reason you are in business is because of your customers right? What if I told you that that isn’t the whole truth?

It will certainly look like you've been chasing the wrong crowd all these while. The fact is that all businesses have customers but only a few have an audience.

Allow me to clear your confusion, a customer is a person that buys your product or service, it’s basically transactional and after the exchange, off they go!

While an audience is more of your true fan, they have in-depth knowledge of…

How we can transform Nigeria through Tourism.

Everyone that knows me, knows how much I always fall in love with adventures. Well, my instincts this time led me straight to somewhere that definitely satisfied my cravings. That was how I found myself at Ezioha Mmaku in Awgu Local government of Enugu State, Nigeria.

The hills I found there were really breathtaking and thanks to my guide who was really patient till I got all the pictures I wanted to take before heading back to Enugu town.

5 brand hacks for e-commerce brands and fashion designers.

If you are operating in any of these fields either as a fashion designer or an eCommerce salesperson, your work requires a lot of branding. No one will patronize you because you are good at what you do but because there's an emotional attachment to what you you do.

When was the last time you gave your Ashwebi clothes to a random tailor just because their shop looks nice or you bought expensive sneakers from that online store because they look good?

We all started buying because someone we know honestly…

The fashion industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that most people in it still struggled because they use the outdated method of marketing without picking a nitch in their field.

You hear most fashion students tell you, I've learned this and this and that and that and they keep learning without thinking about picking a niche to focus and master.

Now, imagine if what you make as a fashion designer is just creative tops for ladies. (Don't blame me, I don't know their names) or just belly-top skirts.

Or you make Ankara trousers and shorts for men? No you don't make…

Branding 101

Apart from having to explain the meaning of my surname, the next question people always pop up to me when I tell then what I do is, "what is branding ?"

Is branding your business logo? Name? Colour? Look? Image? Belief? Advert Personality? Slogan? Banner? Wallpaper? Voice?

Well, what if I tell you that branding entails every aspect of those things listed above? How, Josh? Don't worry, just follow me.

Imagine planing your day, after having your bath, what cloth are you going to wear? How about those new sneakers? That Bluetooth headphone? Are you going to drive…

Beyond branding

Dear Business owner, not only do you need to convey the traditional aspects of branding by sticking to your visual style, presentation, and expressions but you need to pay attention to your brand tone of voice too.

Social media branding is more than branding in the logo/colors sense. Every interaction with a user is part of your brand personality. Each review, every check-in, the private message replies – your whole presence down to the last detail says something about your business, and therefore your brand.

In a competitive market with savvy consumers who have unprecedented access to information – give them a reason to choose your business over your competitors.


Joshua Onyedikachukwu Agusiobo

I'm a Peception management professional, A Brand Consultant, Digital Marketer, content writer and a Tour Guide. I live and breath Branding. also a United fan😍

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