Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump

As a Trump Supporter I Feel that Mr.Trump and Mr.Pence can Help America Great Again Unlike Mrs.Clinton who has Lied to the America People and who has Hidden Emails.To Lying to Congress to Ignoring Security Requests How can you trust her to be president of the United States of America I Mean Come On Folk’s.

I believe in Mr.Trumps Plan to Enforce the immigration laws of the United States and restore the Constitutional rule of law upon which America’s prosperity and security depend. To Establish new immigration controls to boost wages and to ensure that open jobs are offered to American workers first. I Aslo Like That Mexico Has to pay for the wal,I’m tried like Mr,Trump of Us Losing are Jobs To Mexico And China And Other Country I like this Plan on Tax Forms And Lowering The Tax's For The Middle Class.

I Believe Mr.Trump Will Make America Great Again By Doing The Plans he Plan’s to do And Getting are Jobs back and by have a wall and and by cutting Taxes I Believe Mr.trump Will Help America be Great Again and hopefully someday we become great again.

Would you Really trust a women who was broke and somehow end up with millions of dollars Someone who has lied to the american people over and over again who lied about a video Who has taken donation from other country for her foundation.Who got fired from Watergate for Fraud And Ethics Violations.

Unlike Mr.Trump who has made a Successful Business and has a degree in business and can help get business back the USA who actually care about the american people and not about Him/Herself Who Plan to help america instead of destroy it,

Look at the news Mr.Trump is Winning because the american people know Mr.Trump will make america great again people know that Mrs Clinton is a traitor and should be in jail.I Can ensure you Mr.Trump Does not wants to take us back to a time when people like him could abuse others with little to no consequence, when people like him could exploit the labor of others to build vast amounts of wealth, when people like him could create public policy that specifically benefited them, while suppressing the rights and social mobility of others.

It Mrs.Clinton that ant to start a war with Russia saying that Russia help Mr.Trump when she on try rigged the polls and pay people in California to vote for her Mr.Trump didn’t exposed classed emails or Get 4 Solider of Benghazi Kill He Didn’t Abuse 4 women Like Mr.Clinton Did He A Great Businessman who will help america be great Again.

I’m voting for Donald j Trump.