Is it the next step in HIV prevention or a potential sexual health issue?

In short, both, but the potential impact on HIV transmission in many people’s opinions far out ways the possible rise in other STIs. To understand this, however, more context is required on how PrEP works, who it can help, the current perceptions of it, and the current landscape of its availability.

What is PrEP?

PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis is a treatment which can be taken to radically reduce the chances of an individual contracting HIV. …

Shifting the sexual health conversation with emojis and humour.

Intimate LGBTQ+ couple
Intimate LGBTQ+ couple

Discussing sex and sexual health has always been a subject fraught with hurdles, which mainly stem from taboos that we impose upon ourselves. The effects of these taboos are expansive ranging from causing body insecurities leading to individuals having a warped perception of what is “normal”, through to massive misconceptions in society resulting in discrimination as is still seen around HIV.

It’s clear, therefore, that new approaches are required to facilitate conversations and allow individuals to connect on a personal level their own sexual health and wellbeing. …

Josh Armistead-Wood

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