Daylight Savings

In 1918 a means to conserve energy was introduced into American culture. That means was called “Daylight Savings Time”. The original idea had come from Benjamin Franklin who pointed out a savings in candles if people were able to work more during sunlight. This was also a stab at the French, google it kids, it is worth it.

Today we living a world where documented effects of sleep deprivataion are easily accessible and lack of sleep is viewed as a major health concern. With that said, we still wilffully choose to set our microwaves and alarm clocks back an hour like some kind of practical joke that we only can pull on ourselves.

According to a 2001 study, the Monday following Daylight Savings Time car accidents go up. How do we continue to follow a practice that serves no purpose and actually makes us unhealthy? Some DST supporters will argue that it saves energy, it doesn’t. Some will argue that there is no dire need to change it now, they are also wrong.

I want my hour of sleep. I really like that particular hour. I know, I sort of get it back a few months later but it really isn’t the same. The joy of DST was being able to use it as an excuse to be late. Now, my iPhone automatically updates the date and time so my alarms are always going to go off. All we are left with is being an hour more tired on Monday.

Change is hard but sleep, sleep is really good. Even one measly hour of it.

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